Brownie Painting Badge Workshop

A skilled instructor will guide the Girl Scouts through a 5-Step Workshop.  All materials are provided and all Girl Scouts will take their paintings home at the end of the workshop.

If you are a Girl Scout troop wanting to obtain your painting badge, please email us at or call us at (513) 888-7353 for more information and to schedule a workshop at the studio.

I.C.I. Studio is also mobile!  If you would rather have your painting badge workshop at your venue, I.C.I. Studio can come to you!  Your venue must only provide tables, chairs, and access to a sink.



Step 1: 
Get Inspired: Find 2-3 art images in an art magazine that will be provided that interest you.  Why do you like them?  Find who painted them (if available).  Do the images have anything in common with one another?
Step 5: 
Paint a Mural: Glue the art images onto the poster board that will be provided and write your thoughts underneath including your name.  Remember to leave room for the other girls.  Once all girls have completed this task, you will have created a scrap art mural together.

Step 2: 
Paint the Real World: You may create a portrait of a girl in your group, or of something you have seen in the real world, such as an animal, or you may paint the still life on display.  A canvas panel will be provided.

Step 3: 
Paint a Mood: Choose a color to express your mood.  Using variations of this color, create an abstract painting expressing your mood (variations of color may be created using white to lighten and black to darken). A canvas panel will be provided.

Step 4: 
Paint without brushes: Use any of the provided objects including cotton swabs, strings, and spoons to paint your page.  Feel free to explore the kind of shapes the objects make across the page.  What does it do to the picture?  Watercolor paper will be provided.