Step 1: 
Experiment with different mediums.  The instructor will demonstrate the use of different materials and the effects they can create.  Examples would include charcoal, chalk, graphite pencil, and color pastels.  You will then practice what you have learned by creating lines and shapes on paper.

Step 2: 
Learn how to draw a still life and add shading.  The instructor will demonstrate and define how to draw a still life.  A very basic still life display will be set up for you to draw and experiment with creating shade that will make your work appear two-dimensional. You may use any medium you choose.

Step 3: 
Get some perspective.  The instructor will explain perspective and show examples.  A display will be provided as a guide with rectangular and cylinder objects as an optional drawing choice.  Otherwise, you may draw whatever you like as long as it reflects perspective.  You may use any medium you choose.

Step 4: 
Use your imagination like a graphic artist.  The instructor will discuss how to create a design/logo.  You will also be introduced to the approach of typography and how to create a unique font.  You will then either create your very own logo or design a new font.  You will be challenged to think outside of the creative box and apply what you have learned to paper.  You may use any medium you choose.

Step 5:  Create your own portfolio and show off your artwork.  Create an awesome look for your folder that will represent your portfolio of work.  Let everyone admire your work!

Junior Drawing Badge Workshop

A skilled instructor will guide the Girl Scouts through a 5-Step Workshop.  All materials are provided and all Girl Scouts will take their drawings home at the end of the Workshop.

If you are a Girl Scout troop wanting to obtain your drawing badge, please email us at or call us at (513) 888-7353 for more information and to schedule a workshop at the studio.

I.C.I. Studio is also mobile!  If you would rather have your drawing badge workshop at your venue, I.C.I. Studio can come to you!  Your venue must only provide tables and chairs.