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Jacqueline Rohner

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    About the Studio

Founded in 2015, I.C.I. Studio’s mission is to bring art education and entertainment to the community.

The studio’s Founder and resident artist is Jacqueline Rohner.  Jacqui received her technical training at the Department of Art and Design at Morehead State University (KY).  She holds a Bachelor’s of Art in Art with an emphasis in Studio Illustration. 

Challenging herself as a studio artist, Jacqui has explored various mediums and forms of art.   This includes traditional techniques in illustration and painting, as well as mixed media, photography, and graphic design.  From her journey, she has also discovered that she is a natural entertainer after gaining significant experience in theatre, music, and dance.  Jacqui has taught art for grades K-8 at a private school.  Prior to teaching and opening I.C.I. Studio, Jacqui worked in the corporate world. 

Jacqui welcomes the community to I.C.I. Studio and looks forward to meeting, teaching, and entertaining people of all ages and of all levels of experience!